Low-Profile Antenna Options


Nautic Alert uses external low-profile antennas for increased range performance, as opposed to less expensive internal antennas that require close network proximity.  LTE Insights include a small cellular antenna that can be used indoors and concealed behind a nav station panel or similar for optimal performance, and since LTE signals achieve much better range and wall penetration over previous generation 3G/2G signals, you can expect performance that delivers big out-of-the-box.


Iridium Insights should use our low-profile Iridium-approved antenna and our ready-to-install low-loss cables, to meet Iridium standards.  The Iridium antenna can be flush-mounted or pipe, pole, or bracket mounted with our variety of adapters.  It can also be mounted inside the cabin in some circumstances and shoot-through the hull, or located under a locker door for total stealth operation.


Insights are available with either a high-gain, tiny, puck-style GPS antenna, or an external high-gain/high-performance GPS antenna that is the same form factor as the Irdium antenna.  The image below shows the external GPS or Iridium antenna in a low-profile flush-mount installation.

Antenna Cables

Low-loss certified cables are available in 25 and 50 feet denominations.  Contact us if you need a custom length.  All cables use an SMA-male to TNC-male configuration as shown below.

Insight Mount

Insight is designed to be flush mounted or bracket mounted.  A strong, inter-locking stainless steel mount bracket is available for Insight, which enables it to be mounted to base, wall, or ceiling surfaces and locked in place for optimum angle adjustments.

Insight Bracket Mount