Controlled Bilge Discharge Zones And Water-Level Monitoring

Control Onboard or Away

Regulations may prohibit bilge discharge in certain locations, and Nautic Alert is a simple-to-use, elegant solution that can help.  Through Insight and Nevata, water-flow and water level monitoring can easily be managed onboard or remotely from your phone with the press of a button.

Additionally, Nevata can operate in bilge water-level monitoring mode only, so you can see how much water is present at all times, onboard or from your phone, and still get notified for high water and critical water events.

Automatic Pump Controls

Each Nevata can be customized for no-discharge zone behavior.  This includes disabling automatic pump cycling, or in the case of a dual-pump Nevata, enabling the second pump to discharge into an onboard holding tank.  Alternatively, the pump(s) can be left enabled always regardless of the global discharge setting.


Alternatively, Nevata can operate in water level monitoring-only mode, where no automatic pump cycling will occur regardless of the no-discharge zone setting.

In either case, the integrated manual override can be used to enable the attached pumps from Nevata or from Insight’s Wireless Sync Interface.

Global System Discharge Control

One system-wide no-discharge zone setting activates the discharge behavior for all Nevata controllers.  This system can be set from Insight or from your phone remotely in the event you need to remotely enable or disable automatic bilge operations.

In the event a Nevata reports high-water, Nautic Alert can even automatically re-enable automatic discharge.

Bilge Water-Level Monitoring

Nevata can operate in bilge water-level monitoring only mode, if no automatic pump cycling or connecting to a bilge pump is desired.  In this mode, the manual override can still be used to enable any attached pumps, but Nevata will not automatically control any pumps.  The water level can be visually observed on Insight and remotely from the MyInsights Web Portal, or from the text message interface, and all high-water and critical-water level alerts will still send as expected.

A wireless audible or visual network can be extended throughout the yacht with wireless network sync, utilizing both Insight and XPulse(s).  When high-water or critical-water occurs, multiple sirens or visual aids can be heard/seen when using this feature.  See Siren Network for more details.