Nautic Alert Insight X2 Competitor Comparison

Standard 2-Year Warranty On All Products
Global Coverage Options Available On Iridium-Insight


Note: Not representative of all competitors
Communication Nautic Alert Competitor
4G LTE Verizon long range cellular, long-term network support ✔
3G or 2G cellular being phased out by network carriers ✔
2-way global satellite coverage ✔
1-way partial-global satellite coverage ✔
Spotty worldwide GSM coverage ✔
Marina-only wifi connectivity ✔
External marine-grade high-performance antennas ✔
Internal short-range antennas ✔
On-Demand sensor data availability ✔
Land-based buffered data availability ✔
Web portal system access ✔ ✔
Text and email notifications ✔ ✔
Daily status updates ✔


Note: Not representative of all competitors
User Interface Nautic Alert Competitor
Capacitive-touch marine-grade graphical interface ✔
Junction box ✔
Marine-grade installed and integrated controls ✔
External IPAD or equivalent controls ✔
Analytic engine for on-board learning, decision making, notifications ✔
Requires land-based server for sensor  on/off reporting ✔
Measured data edge-based processing and analysis ✔
On/off switch sensor reporting ✔
Wireless SMART Sensors ✔
Wired legacy sensors ✔
On-board and remote monitoring and controls functions ✔
Remote monitoring only ✔
Under 150mA current draw, solar-panel power compatible ✔


Nevata Bilge Management

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Bilge Management Hardware Nautic Alert Competitor
All components out of water/sludge ✔
Wireless connectivity ✔
Pump watchdog ✔
Anti-slosh pump drive logic ✔
Manual override ✔ ✔
Solid state pump switches ✔
Mechanical pump switches ✔
Pump cycles counters ✔ ✔
Pump runtime counters ✔ ✔
Pump current draw stats ✔
Adjustable measured high-water threshold ✔
Fixed high-water float-based threshold ✔ ✔
Adjustable measured critical water threshold ✔
Pump auto-switching ✔
Compatible with existing float/manual override ✔
Water level measurement 1/10 inch ✔
Bilge temperature measurements ✔
Manage and control up to 20 pumps ✔


Note: Not representative of all competitors
Bilge Management Event Detection Nautic Alert Competitor
Weekly pump test ✔
Developing leak detection ✔
Pump runtime detection ✔ ✔
Pump failure detection ✔
Pump overcurrent failure detection ✔
Pump plumbing trouble detection ✔
Pump electrical trouble detection ✔
Nevata offline health detection ✔
High water detection ✔ ✔
Critical water detection/3rd party notify ✔



Satellite requires external antennas ✔

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Security Nautic Alert Competitor
Microwave/PIR high-reliable approaching intruder detection ✔
Microwave/PIR high-reliable on-deck detection ✔
Microwave/PIR range and distance detection adjustable ✔
PIR-only based on-deck detection ✔
Radar through-wall interior detection ✔
Radar through-wall interior detection ✔
Microwave/Radar distance detection adjustable ✔
PIR-only interior detection ✔ ✔
Remote arming/disarming ✔
Custom marine-based security system ✔
Converted home security system ✔
Wake sleeping occupants and/or notify remote recipients ✔
Single operating mode ✔
Stealth and adjustable on-board siren operation ✔
Wireless onboard alarm network sync ✔
Battery-backed power fault redundancy ✔
Sensor power voltage regulation independent of on-board DC batteries ✔
Wireless commercial long-range sensors ✔
Commercial long-range repeater options ✔
Residential grade wireless range ✔
Hardwired sensor options ✔ ✔
Covert installation ✔
External sat antenna ✔



Note: Not representative of all competitors
Search-And-Rescue and Man-Overboard Nautic Alert Competitor
SAR with message received verification ✔
SAR with one-way unverifiable message delivery ✔
SAR with 2-way text messaging to US-based GEOS IERCC ✔
SAR with location reporting redundancy ✔
SAR with current location only reporting ✔
SAR with global satellite coverage ✔
SAR with land-based radio beacon dependency ✔
SAR distress frequencies vary by location ✔
SAR with local authority or privately-contracted GEOS SAR team ✔
SAR with local authority response only where available ✔
SAR with GEOS plus alert recipients notification redundancy ✔
MOB with up to 32 transmitters per Nautic Alert ✔
MOB with automatic GEOS SAR notification option ✔
MOB with wireless onboard alarm network sync ✔
MOB with onboard single-point alarm notification only ✔
Smoke Detection ✔ ✔
Fumes Detection ✔ ✔
Carbon Monoxide Detection ✔ ✔
Legacy float switch high-water detection ✔ ✔


Geofence/Anchor Alarm

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Geofence/Anchor Alarm Nautic Alert Competitor
High precision next-gen WAAS-enabled aviation grade GPS ✔
Consumer grade GPS or legacy N2K GPS sentences ✔
Precision movement detection in as little as 50 feet ✔
User adjustable detection distance ✔
Constant pre-defined detection distance ✔
Auto-adjusting real-time false alert rejection ✔
Low-profile high-performance external antennas ✔
Consumer grade internal antennas ✔
Wake occupants on-board and/or notify remote alert recipients ✔
Wireless onboard alarm network sync ✔


Vessel Tracking

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Security Nautic Alert Competitor
Global real-time tracking ✔
Buffered tracking uploads data in marina or when in cellular range ✔
On-Demand real-time two-way location requests to device ✔
Subject to update interval to buffer location on land-based server ✔
Shared tracking core with NOAA pending VMS type-approved Insights ✔
Not commercial VMS type-approved ✔
Multi-user tracking interface enables family/friends to monitor tracking world-wide/real-time ✔
Auto-track calculations for simple to use route playback ✔


DC Monitoring

Note: Not representative of all competitors
DC Monitoring Nautic Alert Competitor
Multi-Bank DC Monitoring ✔
Multi-Bank DC Trending for early detection of battery issues ✔
Low voltage, critical voltage, and normal voltage restored notifications ✔
Low voltage notifications only ✔
Adjustable filter prevents cycling on-board devices from generating false-alerts ✔
Built-in hysteresis prevents flapping of alert state notifications ✔
Adjustable voltage calibration settings ✔
Supports all battery chemistries 6-37V ✔
Graphical display of battery capacity and voltage ✔
Legacy voltage-only displayed ✔