How Nevata Works

Enhance reliability in your existing bilge.

Bilge Level Monitoring and Pump Control

Getting started with Nevata can be as easy or easier than installing a float switch.  Nevata will enhance reliability within your bilge by eliminating the root cause of most failures, the sludge, and provide unmatched early detection of issues related to the plumbing, pump, and electrical.

Nevata is designed to work with most existing bilge pumps, and we encourage keeping your existing float switch as a backup and elevating it out of the sludge so Nevata can be the first line of defense dealing with the first few inches of water at the bottom of the bilge.

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Bilge Management Event Detection Nautic Alert Competitor
Weekly pump test ✔
Developing leak detection ✔
Pump runtime detection ✔ ✔
Pump failure detection ✔
Pump overcurrent failure detection ✔
Pump plumbing trouble detection ✔
Pump electrical trouble detection ✔
Nevata offline health detection ✔
High water detection ✔ ✔
Critical water detection/3rd party notify ✔


Note: Not representative of all competitors
Bilge Management Hardware Nautic Alert Competitor
All components out of water/sludge ✔
Requires float switch ✔
Wireless connectivity ✔
Pump watchdog ✔
Anti-slosh pump drive logic ✔
Manual override ✔ ✔
Solid state pump switches ✔
Mechanical pump switches ✔
Pump cycles counters ✔ ✔
Pump runtime counters ✔ ✔
Pump current draw stats ✔
Adjustable measured high-water threshold ✔
Fixed high-water float-based threshold ✔ ✔
Adjustable measured critical water threshold ✔
Pump auto-switching ✔
Compatible with existing float/manual override ✔
Water level measurement 1/10 inch ✔
Bilge temperature measurements ✔
Manage and control up to 20 pumps ✔
Wireless onboard alarm network sync ✔



Nevata should be mounted above the bottom of the bilge so it can see the same waterline as the attached pump(s).  A Nevata is required for each bilge compartment where it will drive the attached pump(s).  Nevata uses the same wiring as a float switch.  It takes 12 or 24V DC into its DC inputs, and wires directly to the pump(s) with its pump wires.  A suggested optional float or external manual override can also wire in parallel with Nevata, so any entity can drive the pump.

Nevata contains adjustable water thresholds for the pump activation level, high-water alarm, and critical-water alarm as shown in the illustration, green, yellow, and red lines.


Once powered-on, Nevata needs to be calibrated before it can automatically drive the pumps.  Nevata will pair with Insight wirelessly, and a quick-configure prompt will pop-up on Insight’s home screen.  Press OK to have Nevata automatically learn its environment and apply default settings for the pump activation level, high water alert level, and critical water alert levels.  Once this step is completed successfully, Nevata is fully operational.

Advanced settings and Insight’s Remote Nevata Display can also be used to setup Nevata and change settings wirelessly, as shown further down.

Nevata Display

Insight displays the water level, depth, temperature, pump status and stats, and any faults in one graphical display, for each paired Nevata.

The water level is accurate within 1/10 of an inch, so you always know what your bilge looks like without ever having to climb in there.  Pump status and stats show when the pump is running and drawing power, as well as the pump cycles.

SMS and Email Notifications and Data

Event notifications can be sent via SMS and email, to multiple alert recipients.  Additionally, a third-party emergency contact can be notified for critical-water and emergency events.  An emergency contact will not receive notifications for other events.  This can be useful for notifying a harbor master in the event you get critical water and need an immediate pump out.

When Nevata notifications are sent out, they always include the water level, so you have additional information you need to make informed decisions.  At any point, you can also get the water level and additional information from any Nevata controller over text message by texting “water” to your Insight, or “water #” to specify the Nevata instance.

Web Portal Data

You can access data from your Insight at any time by logging into the MyInsights portal from the “login” button on the top right of this screen.  No app is necessary, our responsive portal automatically adjusts to fit your screen size and look like an app, for instant access from any web-enabled device.

With On Demand data, you can quickly obtain the current status of any Nevata as shown here, which can include any fault status, water level, pump cycles, total pump runtime, and more.

Our new cycle stats log displays pump stats for each Nevata controller paired with your Insight, so you can see how often pumps are cycling.  Additionally, this makes it possible to see pump system degradation as the pump current or cycle duration starts to increase over time, or detect conditions where increased water entry occurs, such as due to hull speed or bilge temperature.

Pump Runtime and Cycles

Through Insight’s Advanced Nevata Settings, you can set and synchronize the individual pump’s runtime and cycle counters.  Nevata will auto-sense an external device driving a the pumps, such as an external manual override switch, and will keep the pump runtime seconds counter synchronized.

The first page of the Nevata Advanced Settings displays the total pump cycles and runtime values, as well as average current draw for each pump.

This page also contains some additional settings for operating Nevata in bilge level-monitoring mode, as well as setting up for non-flat bottom bilges.

Remote Nevata View

Insight’s Remote Nevata View let’s you easily change settings on Nevata, as well as activate the manual override on the attached pump(s).  This is a 2-way bi-directional interface, so any changes on the Nevata or Insight update in both directions.

Additionally, the settings for the continuous pump runtime event and critical water level alert are contained on this screen.