The Nautic Alert Platform

The Platform for Apps that Monitor and Protect.

The New Crew Member

The Nautic Alert Platform was designed for 24-hour onboard monitoring, real time data processing, data analysis, event detection, system control, decision-making, and the ability to communicate. These integrated capabilities serve as the foundation for the Nautic Alert Applications to launch with simplicity to protect people and your yacht.

Onboard Processing

Nautic Alert Insight consumes information gathered by the Nautic Alert Apps through integrated sensors and external wireless intelligent sensors like Nautic Alert Nevata. The sensor data is processed on-board in real time, which enables immediate trending analysis, event detection, decision-making, and eliminates the need to transfer data to land based computers for data processing like many current solutions in the marketplace.

Intelligent Sensors

Nautic Alert does not use “on” or “off” type sensors because we build them to be intelligent. As an example, many marketplace solutions will use a float switch to report high water level, which indicates there is either no water or there is high water.  How would you react to this type of notification?

The Nautic Alert Platforms differs from competing products because the customer will see real time supporting trending data allowing him or her to be proactive as oppose to reactive, thus making it too late to do something about a problem.

Leading Edge Technology

The Nautic Alert Platform uses leading edge technology to provide solution precision so you can depend on it. Backed by a 2-Year limited warranty.

Wireless Communication

Nautic Alert uses wireless data communication to eliminate data wiring and offers 2-way communication capability using 4G LTE or Satellite technology.

The Insight Apps

For Boat and Yacht Monitoring and Control.