Nautic Alert
Yacht Security And Surveillance

The New Standard in Yacht Security.

Unmatched Yacht Security Protection using 3-Layer Security Defense Based on Radar, Microwave, and FLIR-based Thermal Imagining Cameras for the Ultimate Intrusion Detection Solution on the Market.
  • 3-Layers of Protection
  • Perimeter Microwave Wireless Battery Powered
  • Perimeter FLIR Autonomous Human Detection
  • Deck Microwave Wireless Battery Powered
  • Deck FLIR Autonomous Human or Motion Detection
  • Indoor Microwave, Radar, PIR, and Contacts
  • Exterior Strobe and Siren Interconnect
  • Pre-Configured Wireless Sensors Simplify Installation
  • Battery backup ready
Video and Surveillance
  • 8, 16, or 24 Channel Onboard NVRs (Network Video Recorder)
  • Long-Range (miles) Wifi Marina or Onboard Broadband Connectivity
  • 4K UHD Real Night Color Cameras
  • HD 1080p Night Vision Wifi Wireless 12V Cameras
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • PTZ pan, tilt, zoom, and audio camera options
  • Motion-Driven Videos and Events
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Simple Installation With No Port Forwarding Necessary

Microwave or FLIR
Outdoor Perimeter Deck Protection

Imagine an unauthorized party attempts to board your vessel when you least expect it, and you are informed before they even step on your deck.
Imagine boats passing by and no false positive notifications.
Imagine innovation that establishes your 1st layer of security defense.
It is real – Nautic Alert Yacht Security.

Radar Interior Stealth Protection

The beauty and elegance of your yacht deserves hidden intrusion detection sensors behind a cabinet or bulkhead to catch the unexpected.

FLIR Autonomous Human Detection

What Your Eyes Cannot See, the FLIR Thermal Camera Enables You to See Based on Invisible Heat Radiation.  Cover precise boundaries, including outboard engines and outdoor chartplotters, for precision military-grade protection.


Layers of Security Defense

Layer-1 Level of Defense, the Nautic Alert security strategy enables wired or wireless  motion detection sensors as the 1st level of defense, for the outdoor perimeter, to catch an intruder in the process of coming aboard or in attempt to take an attachment such as a dingy, while the security system is set to “Onboard” mode or “Away” mode to protect crew and passengers while sleeping or the vessel when no one is on board.

Layer-2 Level of Defense, provides wired or wireless motion detection sensors and wired contacts positioned in strategic locations within the cabin or in other compartments for indoor perimeter monitoring and detection.

Layer-3 Level of Defense, provides the Nautic Alert Geofence, which creates a virtual ring around the vessel and monitors for vessel movement outside of the virtual ring boundaries, which can be set to as little as 50ft.

With the combined layers of defense, you get an advanced boat security system with a highly effective strategy.

Additional security safety features include smoke detection and personal emergency/ man overboard (MOB).

Advanced Sensors

Microwave Detection provides customizable distance and field-of-view settings for perimeter, deck, and indoor motion detection.  Available in wireless battery powered and low-profile hardwired sensors, microwave is leapfrog technology over traditional PIR (passive infrared) detectors.  With its unique ability to see objects in addition to thermal energy, microwave is optimal technology for outdoor marine use, and can reject nearby dock and boat movement, provide incoming intruder detection, and tolerate small deck movement.

FLIR Autonomous Human Detection provides precise graphic-driven bounds and rules for precise area detection in a very confined or open environment.  Based on thermal detection, movement of objects will not give false alerts, and it can discern human vs non-human movement.  This solution can be used standalone with Nautic Alert X2 (requires Insight X2 and XPulse or XPulse Plus), and does not require a NVR.  However, an NVR can optionally be used to enable onboard and remote thermal imaging.  FLIR imaging does require more power, and thus, may not be optimal for a moored solar-powered setup unless sufficient solar panel and battery capacity is used.

With Nautic Alert’s FLIR solution, it’s possible to setup 4 cameras in a 360 degree configuration and detect incoming intruders from all angles around the yacht.  The maximum effective detection distance is about 60 feet.

Radar Detection provides stealth interior security through ceilings, floors, cabinets, etc…  It can be concealed behind objects, and the range of detection adjusted in granular increments.  Radar detection requires a stable environment, and is not ideal for all yachts.  Because of its nature, it never misses motion, and cannot be beat, but is very sensitive to small movement.

Nautic Alert Video Surveillance

Nautic Alert video surveillance is an optional value-add component for Nautic Alert customers, and is a one-stop-shop for selecting the right NVR and camera solution for your needs and budget.  At Nautic Alert, we understand that selecting the right components can be overwhelming, so with our simple next-gen NVR, camera, and network offerings, we greatly simplify the process and deliver what you need in a package that works out-of-the-box with minimal installation and configuration needed, and complete with personalized support.

Network Video Recorder

A NVR is like a DVR for your boat.  It contains an HDMI video interface to an LCD display, and contains an onboard interactive mouse and remote control driven menu to configure and play-back recordings locally.  NVRs support 8, 16, and 24 camera channels, in recreational and enterprise models.

Complete with a large hard drive, the NVR records all camera feeds for days, and makes it possible to play back event-based video clips or from searching by date and time onboard and remotely from the app.

Nautic Alert provides both hardwired and wireless cameras, with options suitable for every budget.

iPhone and Android App Remote Access

Nautic Alert NVR solutions enable direct access to your cameras remotely.  Configuring your phone is a simple one-step process that will have you up and viewing your camera feeds and previous recorded clips in a matter of seconds.

Long Range Marine Wifi Connectivity and Cellular Fallback

Nautic Alert optionally provides support for marine-grade long-range wifi-based access points, enabling wifi onboard for your devices from wifi networks up to a mile or more away.  Best of all, Nautic Alert NVRs do not require any port forwarding unlike most other products, so remotely accessing your NVR footage is a breeze and works like magic, even when connecting through a public access point.

Want an international cellular backup?  We have you covered.  With Nearshore Networks, we can bundle all services, and include a modem and SIM that you can activate when you need it, or use it all the time at unbeatable prices.

Reliable Motion Driven Video Clips

Nautic Alert’s advanced microwave, radar, and FLIR-based motion detection form the core of driving motion activations to the NVR and cloud, so you can be sure that when Nautic Alert notifies, the event is real.  With an advanced NVR and cloud solution, opening your camera feed from your phone in the click of a button is possible so you can see what’s happening in real-time, or what happened during the event.  Nautic Alert understands that reliability and eliminating false alerts are key to a solid user-experience, and you can be sure that’s what you’ll get.

Cameras Simplified

All cameras are IP harsh-weather rated, and we offer simple and customizable camera solutions to fit your needs.  Give us a call to discuss what’s right for you.  With 4K color night vision cameras, night video never looked so good.