Bilge System Management

The New Standard for Bilge Management.


When a bilge high water alarms sounds, something has failed, and the yacht is now sinking.

According to BoatU.S. April 2014, “more than two-thirds of the reasons why boats sank could be considered preventable” and “69% of the boats that sank did so at the dock or while moored.”  With most bilge issues taking time to develop, you will know when the problem starts to develop with the Nautic Alert Platform and Bilge App.

Nevata is the first SMART Bilge Controller that can detect what was previously assumed to be undetectable issues.  The root cause of many bilge issues start with the bilge sludge degrading bilge operations.  Nevata is immune to bilge sludge and works entirely from above the waterline, it’s an elegant solution to a critical function.


Knowing from the Yacht’s Bridge how much water is in the bilge compartments is Insight to protect your passengers, crew, and your yacht.

Knowing a bilge problem is starting to develop before it becomes a major problem is Insight to protect your investment and a piece of mind.

Control at Your Fingertips

From the Yacht’s Bridge, you can configure and manage up to 10 wireless Nevata bilge pump controllers and 20 pumps from a central location using a single Nautic Alert Insight™ graphical interface.

Want to know if a pump runs more than 10 minutes continuously or the water level in a bilge compartment is 2 inches or greater? Set the alert threshold and Nautic Alert Insight™ will tell you when this happens.

Why Nautic Alert

A Traditional bilge configuration will involve at least one float switch, where additional ones are at offset elevations.  Additionally, there could be pump cycle counters, manual override switches, and a bilge high level alarm. The Traditional setup also involves having both the pump, switch, and electrical cables located in the bilge sludge.

In the Nautic Alert solution, all external components are integrated into a single housing that sits above the waterline, in a UL Marine listed watertight enclosure. The Nautic Alert Nevata can “see” and measure the water level from above, where the water level readings are immune to any water impurities, contaminants, or sludge makeup that may be present, but let’s add a few more points.

    • Less Components & Safer Environment
    • Pump Redundancy & Trouble Detection
    • Developing Leak Detection
    • Pump Failure or Overcurrent Detection
    • Full Replacement or Compatible with Existing Float and Overrides
    • Pump Burnout Protection
    • Continuous Runtime Detection
    • Periodic Pump Testing
    • Peace of Mind
    • Remote Cycle Log and Stats

Concerned about an all-electric bilge solution?  Don’t worry.  Although Nevata is intended to replace your float and override switches, you can absolutely keep your existing float and override hardware in-tact and let Nevata enhance reliability to an unprecedented level.  By letting Nevata operate the pump(s) as a primary switch, your float can operate the pump as a backup to Nevata, at a slightly higher elevation in the bilge.  Additionally, Nevata can detect an external source driving your pump, and will keep your pump(s) runtime seconds counter synchronized.  Nevata is UL Marine tested and waterproof, so it can get fully submerged with no issues.

Nautic Alert also features a unique wireless siren network that can provide audible and visual notifications throughout the boat.  Let Insight sync siren events wirelessly and know about issues when they happen in every location that matters onboard.

How It Works