DC Battery And Multi-Bank Monitoring

Nautic Alert Insight provides DC monitoring for 12, 24, or 32V lead-acid, lithium, AGM, or customizable battery solutions.  XPulse and XPulse Plus expands this feature to 4 battery banks per XPulse/Plus, up to 8 total.  DC alerts and critical alert levels can be customized.  As another precision engineered feature, DC alerts require a full minute of DC voltage stabilization, so electronic devices putting a load on the DC system do not generate false alerts.

The averaging feature of the DC monitoring provides immunity against false alerts due to cycling bilge pumps, starting an engine, and other devices.

DC Voltage Trending Graph

Sometimes DC power problems can be difficult to troubleshoot due to situations like a defective charger, a bad cell in a battery, or some other reason.  Nautic Alert helps by analyzing changes to the DC voltage level and providing an easy to understand trending graph for Insight.