Geofence for Protection

Yacht Drifting Caught Right in its Track.


A Geofence is a virtual ring that establishes a circle around your yacht and acts as a boundary. When the yacht represented by the Blue Dot crosses the Green Geofence Boundary in as little as 50 feet, Nautic Alert Insight will immediately tell you, while aboard or ashore.

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Geofence/Anchor Alarm Nautic Alert Competitor
High precision next-gen WAAS-enabled aviation grade GPS ✔
Consumer grade GPS or legacy N2K GPS sentences ✔
Precision movement detection in as little as 50 feet ✔
User adjustable detection distance ✔
Constant pre-defined detection distance ✔
Auto-adjusting real-time false alert rejection ✔
Low-profile high-performance external antennas ✔
Consumer grade internal antennas ✔
Wake occupants on-board and/or notify remote alert recipients ✔
Wireless onboard alarm network sync ✔


Precise Position Calculations

Nautic Alert Insight processes WAAS based GPS position information and uses proprietary advanced algorithms to eliminate false-positive notifications caused by changing weather conditions and changes in satellite signal strength to ensure high accuracy in reporting and notification. The proprietary algorithms used by Nautic Alert Insight rely on specialized integrated hardware not currently available in NMEA-based GPS solutions or NMEA 2000 networks.

Precision Anchor Alarm

When the green Geofence boundary has been activated a Set Point will be established representing the exact location of the yacht, at the time of activation.  If the anchor starts to drag, the yacht will start to drift towards the Geofence. Once the yacht crosses the Geofence, an on-board integrated alarm will sound on-board.

Notification to Smartphone

Not on-board when your Yacht crosses the Geofence boundary, we got you covered. Nautic Alert Insight will send you and your designated recipients an email and text notification in Real Time so you and your support team remain informed when it matters.

Simple to Use

Using the Nautic Alert Insight touch screen – just tell Nautic Alert the number of feet you want from the yacht’s current position to the green Geofence boundary, and it will establish the Set Point (current GPS position), the Geofence boundary, and activate it. It is that Simple.

Applicable Usage