Wireless Onboard Alarm Network Sync

Audible or Visual Network Throughout Your Yacht

Siren Sync

Insight can synchronize critical siren events to the siren interface on XPulse and XPulse Plus.  This creates a wireless network of sirens or visual indicators throughout the yacht.

XPulse and XPulse Plus contain an integrated siren for out-of-the-box siren-sync functionality.  The siren can be disconnected from XPulse’s onboard 12V siren out block terminals, and a custom siren or light can be connected and wired anywhere onboard.  XPulse will regulate 12V from the incoming DC bank (up to 4) inputs and/or AC/DC shore power input, so you get full power-fault redundancy from multiple sources with a stable output irregardless of the incoming battery voltage, as illustrated below.


A Nevata pump fault, high-water, critical battery bank voltage, unexpected movement, intrusion, and more will be seen and heard throughout the yacht if siren sync is enabled on Insight.

To enable or disable Siren Sync, simply navigate into Insight’s System Settings, and navigate to the “Siren Sync” setting as shown above.