Vessel Tracking

Capture Your Vessel’s Track
For Family’s Piece of Mind.

Application Features

Note: Not representative of all competitors
Security Nautic Alert Competitor
Global real-time tracking ✔
Buffered tracking uploads data in marina or when in cellular range ✔
On-Demand real-time two-way location requests to device ✔
Subject to update interval to buffer location on land-based server ✔
Shared tracking core with NOAA pending VMS type-approved Insights ✔
Not commercial VMS type-approved ✔
Multi-user tracking interface enables family/friends to monitor tracking world-wide/real-time ✔
Auto-track calculations for simple to use route playback ✔


On Demand Real-Time Tracks

Want to see the current location without waiting for an automatic location update?  No problem.  Text “gps” from your phone, or click the “On Demand” button in the My Insights Web Portal.  This will send a request to Insight to update the yacht’s real-time location, and then the current location will appear in the Vessel Tracking Interface.