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Integration Platform

Nautic Alert is an integration platform that contains all of the pieces you need to lift data off the boat, into the cloud, and onto smart phones, whether you’re a boat builder, engine or stabilizer manufacturer, or other electronic device OEM.  No matter if it’s getting insightful data from your boat, firmware updating your own onboard devices, or interfacing data to your IT infrastructure, Nautic Alert can help.

There are many data protocols onboard such as J1939, NMEA 2000, serial, and more, and Nautic Alert has the knowledge to quickly adapt and integrate customized hardware and cloud-based solutions.  We realize that many companies do not have the time or resources to create web-enabled IoT solutions, and we’re here to help.

Add Value


Customers want to know their OEM stands behind them and is globally in-reach, anytime.  Similar to OnStar for automotive, Nautic Alert can provide direct two-way communications between a customer and OEM, globally, anywhere.  Bring your portfolio out of the legacy age and let Nautic Alert keep you connected to your customer base with world-class marine-grade technology.


When an issue develops, let Nautic Alert notify you so you can proactively deal with it on the customer’s behalf and offer a value-added reassurance like no other.  Nautic Alert empowers you stand apart from the competition by offering exceptional customer support like no other, and can even detect issues before they turn into expensive warranty claims.

Some issues may require other third-party notifications.  If a bilge issue develops, it may make more sense to proactively dispatch a service dealer who can assess the situation immediately.  We can help make that happen.

High Value Monitored Yacht Security

Give your customers piece-of-mind with a globally monitored high-end security system.  In fact, Nautic Alert global monitored security can provide an OEM with a dedicated separate recurring revenue stream.

High End Value And Communications

Nautic Alert components are engineered to marine-grade standards, utilizing the best, low-profile, communication hardware, not internal short-range antennas.  High-end assets deserve the best features, and we’re no different.  Contact us for extended warranty and no-hassle data activations and extended support so that everything works out-of-the-box, for years to come.

White Label and Private Branding

Want to call Nautic Alert your own product and put your label on it?  We can do that.  Contact us for details.

Data Analytics

Claims Reductions

Nautic Alert can tell you more about your hull and equipment than ever before.  We can help reduce warranty claims through proactive advanced analytics and real-time events.  Does your hull exhibit increased leaky behavior with certain on-board equipment such as stabilizers, at certain speeds, under certain bilge temperatures, within certain geographies, or certain hulls?  Can your hull under warranty notify you of abnormal, degraded, or bilge failure before an expensive claim ensues?  Do you know how often and which pumps are being cycled in real-time and the total runtime before the expected mean time to failure occurs on each pump?

Being able to detect a developing issue before high-water ensues is key to preventing costly warranty claims.  Not only can Nautic Alert detect issues in the bilge, we can also customize new hardware and system features.

Want to know engine data trends as an example?  We can make it happen through our in-house design capabilities.

Vessel Tracking

Want to keep table on your hull locations and whereabouts?  Vessel tracking is integral to Nautic Alert.  In fact, the vessel tracking core is shared between recreational Insights and soon-available commercial NOAA VMS-approved Insights.  VMS is short for vessel monitoring systems, and VMS regulations have many requirements related to tracking integrity, accuracy, and reliability, that ensure Insight meets the highest of tracking standards.

Bilge Data

With bilge cycle data, you get instant visibility into each bilge compartment equipped with a Nevata, and can see exactly how often pumps are cycling, total runtime, total cycles, cycle period, pump current consumption, bilge temperature, location and speed.  This, in combination with Nevata’s unique ability to detect issues before high-water, gives you instant notifications as issues develop, and also enables predictive pump failure and system degradation detection before a warranty claim ensues.  Additionally, this data enables you to see how your hull is performing under various conditions, as well as ensure hull options, like stabilizers, are not creating a warranty issue that could otherwise go undetected.  With most bilge issues developing at the dock when the yacht is unattended, Nautic Alert makes sure you know before you ever get high-water and flooded engines.

Other bilge cycle data can also include pump activation level, yacht location, pump cycles, pump runtime in seconds, manual-override event info, and externally-driven event info.


Nautic Alert is a world-class product line that stands up to the most rigorous standards.  Nevata 100 Series is UL Marine Listed and has undergone UL testing, which includes some of the harshest waterproof, impact, electrical testing, and more.

Insight is currently undergoing NOAA VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) type-certifications, and the vessel tracking core is shared between recreational and soon-to-be-approved VMS Insights.  VMS is a rigorous program that has a lot of stringent requirements pertaining to the integrity and reliability of vessel tracking.  Commercial fisherman are required to operate a VMS compliant device, and Iridium-Insight delivers big features never before available in a commercial VMS solution.

Insight is also an Iridium certified solution.  No matter what the regulated certification entails, Nautic Alert has the expertise to get it done.


Integrate Nautic Alert or components of our design into your solution.

IoT Data

Let Nautic Alert move data to or from the boat using our backbone.  Need to facilitate a firmware update to hardware on-board?  Need to move data from an on-board device to an offsite facility for analysis?  We understand the challenges of the full solution and can make it happen.

3D Models

We design our hardware using industry standard CAD software, and can export models in a variety of formats to enable easy integration and modeling into your new hull design.


We designed our backend cloud solution from the ground-up, and can easily interface with other third party back-office cloud solutions.  Want sensor data in a particular format?  Want notifications to a certain server?  We can make it happen.

Custom Solutions

Need a custom solution?  We design everything from the ground up, including printed circuit boards, microcontroller firmware, enclosures, software, and IT.  We’re a one-stop-shop that can save serious capital by collaborating the full design requirements into a optimal solution that suits your needs.

Manufacturing and Reliability

Nautic Alert is manufactured in the US.  Reliability and longevity is key, all components used in the design are industrial grade where possible, and all components are designed to be easily manufactured.  Understanding manufacturing capabilities, plastic injection molding requirements, and more, and being able to design to those capabilities, is key to a rapid and cost-effective development cycle.

All Insight printed circuit boards undergo AOI, or automated-optical-inspection.  This is a printed circuit board QC procedure commonly reserved for high-reliable military and medical products.  This process helps ensure long-term reliability by identifying borderline defects during assembly that could otherwise surface after prolonged use.  Infact, we’re so confident in our solution that all COTS product is offered with a standard two year warranty.