Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)


Why Nautic Alert?

    • Type-Approved for Alaska, more NOAA regions coming soon
    • Reduce hardware costs, reduce data costs, insurance discounts
    • Eliminate the tablet with integrated forms and messaging in a compact MFD
    • Eliminate messaging POP and IMAP settings, works out of the box
    • Seamless over-the-air forms updates through integrated WiFi One-Touch Update
    • Eliminate unnecessary data through a custom NOAA-based messaging interface with no setup necessary
    • Bundle all data services, including existing broadband and sat phones through Nearshore Networks
    • Total VMS package available through Gemeco, less expensive then other VMS solutions
    • Low profile compact antennas, pre-cut cables, installation time of under 4 hours
    • Optional scalable system features through Nautic Alert wireless components
    • Protect your assets and crew with total protection beyond VMS, in a single device
    • Global SMS texting and private Insight-to-Insight messaging and communications
    • Advanced power savings, MFD draws less than 150mA with the LCD active
    • Adds high-end display look and appeal over traditional VMS solutions
    • Communications redundancy using advanced cloud solution for unmatched reliability, coming soon
    • Bilge-level monitoring and bilge discharge zone controls

If you are a commercial fishermen looking for an excellent VMS solution that can do more than just monitoring by helping safeguard your investment, livelihood, and crew, Nautic Alert is your answer with its pending NOAA VMS type-approval.  Nautic Alert keeps you instantly in-touch with friends and family through its world-wide text-message and device-to-device message interface, and real-time vessel-tracking featuring OnDemand access.  Additionally, each member of your crew can equip themselves with an MOB transmitter, so you know the instant someone falls overboard with Nautic Alert’s unique onboard wireless siren network, or you can even have Nautic Alert automatically notify GEOS’s worldwide search-and-rescue monitoring.

Nautic Alert’s optional Nevata bilge controller can detect bilge issues before you ever get high-water, and can even auto-switch pumps intelligently giving you redundancy with notifications when you’re not around.  Microwave and Radar intrusion detection lead the way with the industry’s most advanced yacht security options, making it possible to detect intruders before they board or see them through walls, invisibly.  Multi-bank DC monitoring with trending, and AC shore power detection means you always know what’s going on with your electrical system and can help identify issues before or while you’re underway.

Sleek, low-profile antennas with barely any noticeable footprint.  Pre-terminated antenna cables, a rugged stainless mount for Insight, and readily-available pole, pipe, and bracket mount options make installation of the system a breeze.  With a VMS package available through Gemeco, getting up and ready with everything needed has never been easier.  Insight requires a 12 or 24V DC power source, and connecting the low-profile external GPS and Iridium antennas, then absolutely no user interaction is required in certain VMS regions.

Communication Redundancy

The last thing you want when you’re underway is for an weather-induced  or internet outage somewhere to create an issue that has law enforcement calling and stopping you.  Nautic Alert features multi-site cloud-based communication redundancy and logging which yields an extremely highly-reliable solution to ensure all tracks and messages send as you expect.  In fact, device and cloud-based precision-engineered Nautic Alert solutions inherently include data transmission retries and queuing, so a storm, regional outage, or multitude of other factors won’t stop Nautic Alert.

Nautic Alert utilizes the Iridium low-orbit satellite network for fast, light-weight communications.  Iridium features a network of satellites that are constantly in motion, and coupled with Nautic Alert’s retry features, messages get in and out quickly, reliably, and effortlessly.  Nautic Alert is an approved Iridium solution.

Positional Accuracy

Nautic Alert uses next-generation aviation-grade GPS technology to accurately describe your position.  The GPS technology used within Nautic Alert will prevent any position reports from being generated that exceed the CFR requirements worse-case GPS positional accuracy limits.  You’ll always know the worse-case position uncertainty at all times, which is visible on the device.  We understand that in rare instances, a reported GPS position is subject to weather and signal induced errors, and this extra safeguard helps prevent any inaccuracies from being reported.  Best of all, this data is logged in Nautic Alert’s cloud, so we’re here to help should any questions on your reported position come into play.

With WAAS enabled GPS technology, your position will be accurate within inches in many cases, as the same correctional data used for FAA approved auto-landing equipment is used within Nautic Alert.


Nautic Alert keeps you connected to friends and family world wide with global texting and private device-to-device messaging.  You can send and receive messages right from Insight to any SMS-enabled phone worldwide.  Additionally, keeping up with other fisherman privately is a breeze with Insight-to-Insight messaging.

Bilge Level Monitoring and Discharge Controls

Nautic Alert’s Nevata bilge controller delivers a visual representation of water-level measurements onboard and remotely, and can even function as a controller for bilge discharge zones.  Nevata enables unrivaled bilge protection with its optional SMART drive technology that can auto-switch pumps when bilge equipment failure occurs, and provide early detection of bilge issues well in advance of a high-water alert and if a high-water condition occurs.

Volunteer Test Program

Nautic Alert is currently undergoing NOAA VMS type-approvals for certain United States fisheries regions, and we’re looking for volunteers.  If you’re a commercial fisherman with a registered fishing vessel and interested in participating in our VMS testing phase, you may be eligible for a free Nautic Alert Insight that you can keep after testing is complete.  Restrictions may apply, contact us for details.

If you’re in a another country or part of another country’s regulatory VMS program looking for a cost-effective VMS solution, contact us.  Nautic Alert is an in-house designed custom marine solution, and we offer cost-effective and rapid development with very little overhead.