X Caliber Anti-Theft Yacht Security

For The Most Advanced and Secure Asset Protection.
For fleets, financial institutions, marine insurance, and other third parties.
Tracking, Security, Monitoring

X Caliber Overview

X Caliber is not just protection against unknown intruders, it is protection against those with access to the asset as well.  When fleets, marine financing and insurance demands the most advanced anti-theft tracking, security, and early event detection protection available, Nautic Alert answers.  X Caliber provides vested third parties complete remote access to the system, including tamper notifications, with a fail-safe design that makes it virtually impossible to tamper or destroy without being detected.  X Caliber is an optional subscription for the Nautic Alert Platform, and leverages the Iridium-Insight and XPulse components.

X Caliber starts with a Core Root of Trust compartment that provides state-of-the-art tamper prevention by even the most advanced professional thieves and those willing to cut-away the wall surface containing a tamper switch, for the purposes of relocating the system off the yacht, then relocating the yacht where it cannot be easily recovered.  It is total comprehensive protection for vessel awareness, both past and present.

X Caliber combines Nautic Alert’s advanced security with its shared Vessel Management Systems Core relied on by the US Government through NOAA’s law enforcement of commercial fisheries.  This means the same rigorous standards used by VMS Insights (Insight pending VMS approval in certain US Fisheries regions) also safeguards recreational yachts when an X Caliber subscription is used.

Core Root of Trust

Other systems may contain a backup battery in their MFD as well as a wall tamper switch.  This leads to several vulnerabilities, which includes opening the MFD and disconnecting the backup battery or cutting the wall surface containing the MFD while it’s still powered-on and operational.  These systems make the assumption an unknown intruder will be detected by security countermeasures first, however, this may not be the case if the owner or someone with trusted access to the yacht is the offender.  Nautic Alert prevents against any tampering or relocating of the system with its unique design separated from the MFD.

Fail-Safe Design

If Insight is destroyed and can no longer communicate, Nautic Alert’s Cloud solution will detect and notify.  Insight will report a heartbeat message very frequently, and if this heartbeat message is not received, a tamper notification will be sent indicating this.  This ensures the asset cannot move very far by the time the inactivity is detected.

Shared VMS Tracking Core

Nautic Alert Insight shares the same vessel tracking core relied on by NOAA’s law enforcement of commercial fisheries (Insight pending US VMS approval in certain fishery regions).  This means, the same rigorous standards relied on by the US Government are available for recreational tracking.

If a communications antenna is disconnected, vessel tracks are saved on the device in non-volatile storage and reconstructed once communications is available.  This means total and complete vessel track history is restored, complete with time-stamped tracks and event flags that show loss and of restoration of connectivity.  Because the tracks are saved in non-volatile storage, power-cycling Insight does not result in a loss of tracking data.  This ensures that 3rd parties are not just aware of where the vessel is now, but can see where it has been ensuring it has not been where it should not be.

If the GPS antenna is disconnected, the communications transmission contains a geo-coded location accurate within about a mile of the true location.  This ensure that even without a GPS fix, the vessel’s location can still be determined with a certain amount of inaccuracy.



With Nautic Alert, you get early detection of critical systems and real-time monitoring.  Nevata provides the most advanced bilge management application ever created, microwave-based intrusion sensors detect intruders before they board, an advanced anchor alarm helps prevent unexpected vessel movement, and multi-bank DC monitoring enables trending of battery bank data as well as monitoring of the backup battery health for X Caliber.