Nautic Alert Insight X2 Feature Summary

Man Overboard (MOB) SOS✔XPulse Plus and GEOS Service

Note: Remote Alerts and Remote 2-Way Communication Interaction Requires Reporting Service | July 2017
Insight X2 App Nautic Alert Insight X2 Required Component
AC Shore Power ✔ XPulse or XPulse Plus
Bilge System Management ✔ Nevata
Boat Security ✔ XPulse or XPulse Plus and Security Sensors
DC Battery Voltage ✔
Multi Battery Bank Voltage ✔ XPulse or XPulse Plus
Geofence and Anchor Alarm ✔
Integrated WiFi Firmware Update ✔
My Insights Web Portal ✔
Siren Network Sync ✔  XPulse or XPulse Plus
Smartphone Text Request ✔
Text Message from Insight ✔
Vessel Locator ✔
Vessel Tracking ✔
Worldwide Emergency SOS ✔ GEOS Service