Nautic Alert Insightâ„¢

The Newest Crew Member Watching Around The Clock.



Edge Computing for automated decision-making that processes and analyzes data in real time on-board and not on land based servers so you stay informed as events happen.


of Things

The Next Generation of Marine Telematics that keeps you globally connected to your Yacht while aboard or ashore using Real Time and On Demand communication.

Energy Efficient

When it comes to the environment and limited power situations, Nautic Alert Insight excels at being an energy efficiency leader in marine electronics.  Nautic Alert Insight is so power efficient it can be supported by a small solar panel trickle charger making it ideal for moored and power limited setups.

Integrated Capabilities

For Insightful Apps.

Like a human, Nautic Alert Insight receives Real Time sensory information from internal and external onboard intelligent sensors. The information is analyzed to detect trends and events. Some events are informational, which are displayed on the Insight touch screen, which enables user interaction, but some events are critical, which requires audio and visual indicators and the ability to communicate critical events aboard and ashore.

Insight engages in 2-way conversations with all intelligent sensors using the secured Nautic Alert Wireless Sync Network, which is hosted by Nautic Alert Insight. Sensors join the encrypted wireless network for Real Time conversations. The Insight communication capability is extended globally through the Verizon Wireless network or through the Iridium Satellite network, which is all integrated and automated within Nautic Alert Insight. With this extended capability, Insight can have 2-way conversations with the yacht owner or his/her authorized participants to provide Real Time information or On Demand information.
* Note:  Extended Capability requires Nautic Alert Reporting Services.

With the underlying foundation set, Nautic Alert Insight comes alive and shows its innovative capabilities with the activation of the Insight Apps, while keeping simplicity in the user interaction.

Insight Features

Insight Technical