NEXT-GEN Bilge Pump Switch & Controller

Detecting Trouble Before It’s a Problem.


Replace or keep the float and existing override switches as a backup. With Nevata 200 series, it will detect when an external source is driving the pump and keep the pump’s runtime seconds in-sync.


The traditional bilge pump switch has been reivented, introducing the patented Nautic Alert Nevata, the marine industry’s leading Bilge Pump Switch and Controller that is intelligent and makes decisions.


Learns the attached bilge pump characteristics in combination with or without water level measurements to control the pump activation and deactivation and to make evidence-based decisions.


Single button to auto calibrate Nevata, auto set the pump activation level, and auto set the water alert level based on the measured bilge compartment depth.  Activate auto configuration from Nevata or from Nautic Alert Insight.


Nautic Alert Nevata uses sound waves to measure water level in a bilge compartment from above the waterline and knows exactly how much water is in your bilge, at all times, down to 1/10th of an inch.


Integrated pump counter, manual override switch, and bilge high level alarm into a single housing, best of all, it is waterproof and designed with no mechanical parts and a solid-state marine grade design for reliability.


No need to pull data cables because Nautic Alert Nevata and Nautic Alert Insight use the 2-Way Nautic Alert Wireless Sync network to talk to each other.  Communication is encrypted for secured communication.

Seeing is Believing

Multi-Fault Assessment

A bilge pump system is critical to dealing with the removal of unwanted water in the bilge compartment; however, there are times unexpected events occur such as a bilge pump not being able to siphon water because of an ingress blockage, failed bilge pump, or a through-hull fitting starting to fail causing the bilge pump to run continuously or to exceed its capacity. Nautic Alert Nevata™ monitors for bilge pump system events using its Multi-Fault Assessment technology. When an event is detected, Nevata will make evidence-based decisions such as activating the bilge pump or auto swapping to a backup pump to determine if this resolves an event while issuing a notification.

With Fault Recovery capability, Nevata can determine the presence of water in the bilge compartment even without a water level measurement because of its learning capability and its intelligent decision making ability designed to find the proper corrective action for event resolution and event notification.

Multi-Fault Assessment Capabilities

    • Bilge Pump Failure Detection
    • Bilge Pump Runtime Monitoring
    • System Trouble Detection
    • Water Sensor Interference Detection
    • High Water Level Detection
    • Nevata Health Reporting
    • Fault Recovery and Notification

Pump Swapping Capability

If the rate of incoming water is too much for a small primary pump to handle or the primary pump is in a failed status, Nautic Alert Nevata will automatically switch to a larger capacity backup pump. Note: Requires Nautic Alert Dual Pump model.

Bilge Compartment Temperature

Knowing the temperature in your bilge compartment is a Nevata capability so you remain aware of the risk when keeping your yacht in cold waters or operating in a cold weather environment.  Nevata has you covered.
* Requires Nautic Alert Insight.

Bilge System Management

    • Complete the Bilge System Management Solution with Nautic Alert Insight plus Nautic Alert Nevata.
    • Gain visibility and control from the Yacht’s Bridge.
    • Let Insight communicate with you on your smartphone or web portal.
    • Have questions, ask Nautic Alert Insight for information using On Demand text requests.

Nevata Features

Nevata Technical