Workboat and Fleets

Complete Situational Awareness and Compliance

  • Vessel Tracking/Fleets/Anti-Theft
  • Bilge Level Monitoring and Management
  • Communications
  • Crew Safety
  • Bilge Discharge Control and Compliance Reports
  • Intrusion Technology and Video Surveillance

Vessel Tracking/Fleets/Anti-Theft

Nautic Alert is an Iridium Commercial Certified Solution.

Enhanced Tracking

Nautic Alert’s vessel tracking features customizable location updates, complete with on-demand location access.  The Insight tracking core is shared with Insight’s pending NOAA VMS type-approved models, relied on by the government for law enforcement of commercial fisheries.  When vessel tracking is enabled, location updates can only occur when the vessel is moving and changing locations in order to greatly reduce data costs.

SMART Geofencing

SMART device-sync Geofence technology is designed to save companies large amounts of airtime costs by eliminating data usage as a result of continuous vessel tracking updates. SMART boundaries can be set and automatically uploaded to Insight X2, making Insight fully aware when a transition in and out of a designated boundary occurs, so it can notify in real-time. Coupled with two-way On-Demand technology, the vessel’s real-time location can be requested at anytime, anywhere. Traditional solutions rely on a land-based server to analyze vessel location. Nautic Alert’s advanced IoT platform revolutionizes telematics architecture with an EDGE-based design that shifts intelligence from land-based servers to the device itself.

These features make it possible to deliver highly reliable and granular location track and  greatly reduce recurring costs associated with data use.  Nautic Alert utilizes the latest 4G LTE or global Iridium network solutions.

Nautic Alert’s simple-to-use vessel tracking interface makes it possible to view vessel location details right from your phone or any web-enabled device.  Routes are automatically calculated and displayed with the touch of one button.

Give us a call to see how we can customize a solution that delivers the best fit for your needs.

XCaliber Anti-Theft

XCaliber Anti-Theft is an optional component that offers the most advanced anti-theft marine device ever created.  XCaliber starts with a trusted compartment that cannot be tampered with without being detected and reported.  Additionally, Nautic Alert’s Cloud infrastructure watches and notifies in the event of a communication loss from vessel, in a very short amount of time.  Unlike other products, XCaliber architecture does not assume those operating the vessel can be trusted, and is a full solution for safeguarding your assets.

With XCaliber, you can be confident your Nautic Alert Insight tracker cannot be re-located, and that you’re always one click away from full situational awareness with your fleet and crew.

Bilge Level Monitoring and Management

Knowing how much water is present in all bilge compartments is key to maximizing efficiency and preventing catastrophes.  Nautic Alert makes it possible to see bilge levels and monitor pump activity for each compartment onboard and remotely with our SMART Nevata Bilge Controller technology, which measures water level accurate to 1/10 of an inch.

Bilge Discharge Control

With Nevata SMART bilge drive technology, you can control bilge discharge onboard or remotely and even manage untreated water flow control into an onboard holding resevoir.

Timestamped pump cycle reports can enable compliance reports for showing the details on all bilge pump operations, including manual override events.


With Insight’s QWERTY keyboard, Insight enables Insight to global cellular texting, Insight to Insight messaging, and can even support a dedicated company headquarters to Insight messaging channel.  Contact us for details of how we can help you stay connected with your vessels worldwide.

Crew Safety

Long-range personal emergency transmitters keep crew up-to-date of any emergency or man-overboard situations. These can be deployed throughout and around the vessel, and with X2’s Wireless Alarm Network, audible and visual notifications originating from these personal emergency transmitters or any critical event can be observed throughout the vessel instantaneously.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are other sensors available that can be easily deployed for crew and vessel safety.

Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance

Nautic Alert is proud to offer the most advanced and only marine security system featuring microwave, radar, and FLIR autonomous perimeter security.  Harsh environments demand military-grade protection, and Nautic Alert delivers.

Microwave sensors can be deployed in a compact long-range wireless or hardwired form-factor, enabling simple 3D adjustments for range, distance, and object size, to detect approaching intruders before they board or on the deck.

FLIR autonomous perimeter protection brings military-grade protection to commercial and recreational marine, enabling long-range and precise detection of approaching objects, humans, or vehicles.  FLIR protection is fully customizable and can easily be set to enforce precise location, direction, object type and size rules.  Whether you want to detect an approaching skiff under complete darkness or through adverse weather, or simply be able to see onboard and remote video feeds of objects in view, Nautic Alert’s FLIR solutions deliver.

Nautic Alert offers Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for onboard and remote viewing of current and previously stored clips.  With a multitude of camera options available for any install or implementation requirements, Nautic Alert can help select the right solution for your needs.

Nautic Alert’s advanced intrusion technology network and critical event detection form the foundation for triggering video clips, so you get both reliable notifications and corresponding video.

Camera options include wired and wireless, bullet-style, pan-tilt-zoom, dome form-factors, standard, real-color, and FLIR night vision, and more.  Call us for a free personalized consultation.