Refreshingly Different.

Onboard Intelligence Beyond Monitoring.
Edge Computing for Early Detection.

The All-In-One MTC-E that goes beyond monitoring. Nautic Alert learns, reacts, controls, and notifies with details you need to make informed decisions, with time to spare, using custom-engineered marine-grade solutions

Boat and Yacht Monitoring Solution

Nautic Alert X2 Is the New Standard
for Monitoring, Security, and Safety.

Bilge Management You Have To See To Believe

Early Detection of pump, plumbing, or electrical issues from above the waterline.

Nautic Alert makes replacing or complimenting your existing bilge hardware a breeze, and is an advanced learning system that can tell you the second your boat develops a leak, controls your pumps intelligently, and much more.

Advanced Yacht Security And Surveillance

Unmatched Yacht Security Protection using 3-Layer Security Defense Based on Radar, Microwave, and FLIR-based Thermal Imagining Cameras for the Ultimate Intrusion Detection Solution on the Market.

Nautic Alert X2 ™ Overview

The most advanced boat monitoring and security system ever created. X2 packs the first SMART bilge controller designed to replace or enhance a float, the first microwave-based intrusion technology designed to detect an intruder before they board, and work within the constraints of harsh marine environments, and much more.

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Intelligent Decision-Making
for Early Event Detection.

When it comes to protecting your crew, passengers, and your boat or yacht, Nautic Alert is like having another crew member aboard monitoring around the clock. Like a crew member, Nautic Alert can control and make decisions using intelligent state of the art wireless and integrated sensors capable of learning and communicating with the crew, aboard or ashore using graphical and audio indicators, text messages, email, or Nautic Alert’s new My Insights Web Portal so you always remain connected to your boat or yacht.

Nautic Alert monitors and detects your yacht’s location,  dragging anchor, unexpected release from mooring,  DC battery voltage, and a developing bilge system problem.  It can even control your bilge pumps and auto swap pumps because it learns the operating characteristics of your pumps and measures water level as accurate as 1/10th of inch.  It does this all in real time, right onboard your boat or yacht with an elegant touchscreen interface that is simple to use and made for the marine environment.

Nautic Alert Insight X2 ™

IoT Edge Computing for Early Event Detection
The frontier of computing enabling analytics, detection, communication, and knowledge generation right on board. Cellular or Satellite Capability.


Presents real time concrete measured data on board for early event detection. Notifies customer of an event within seconds to provide time for a proactive response before a loss occurs.


Onboard graphical touch screen interface that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to read. Audio interface that can be heard as a critical alarm.


Patented and built for the marine environment and designed for ultra low power consumption using integrated marine and aviation grade components and sophisticated logic to ensure precision and years of customer satisfaction.  Backed by a Two-Year limited warranty.


Complies with Regulation 46 CFR 182.530 where a vessel of 7.9 meters (26 feet) in length requires a visual and audible alarm at the operating station to indicate a high water level in specific unmanned spaces.

Hurricane Harvey

Nautic Alert Excelled
in the Toughest Conditions.

Installing Nautic Alert was a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that the boat was doing fine in the storm.

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Why Nautic Alert?

The simple answer: Nautic Alert tells the complete story with early event detection and trending using precise measured data for automated decision-making and for an owner to make informed decisions.

When it comes to your boat or yacht, why would you make a decision without real time descriptive data?

As an officer of the company, I was inspired through a personal boating experience years ago, while preparing to board a flight for a business meeting when all of the sudden, I received a high water level alarm message. It was at that moment, I asked myself:  “is my boat sinking”?  How urgent is it? Do I have time to respond later and avoid missing my flight, or should I miss my flight and business meeting to make an immediate dash to my boat?

With Nautic Alert, you will have the data on board and on your smartphone to make informed decisions in a timely manner before an event becomes a major problem – and that is the kind of protection you can trust for a peace of mind.

2-Way Cellular or Satellite

Data Directly from Your Yacht When You Want It.

Nautic Alert Capabilities

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My Insights for Remote Boat and Yacht Monitoring.

When travel requires you to be away from your yacht, Nautic Alert remains on duty and ready to respond to your requests in Real Time and On Demand.

“Nautic Alert regularly assures me that all is well, and it’s ripe for expansion. I think I’m in love…”

Ben Ellison, February 9, 2017
Highly Respected Editor and Customer

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